With the arrival of the winter season demand of gas in the domestic sector has started to increase. In the peak winter months it is expected to become three times. Natural gas is now becoming scarce in Pakistan and there is an urgent need to tap new local resources as well as import of LNG. LNG seems to be the most feasible short term solution.

In a meeting with the Federal Minister of Petroleum, Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on 4 Nov at Marriot Hotel in Islamabad, APCNGA formally supported the efforts of the present Government to act swiftly and add natural gas to the existing network before the start of next winter.

APCNGA has also embarked on the possibility of importing gas itself for its 3395 member CNG stations in Pakistan. This will entail a huge investment and would require at least 400mmCFD of natural gas for which the CNG sector has the will and the financial capacity.

We have always taken pride in the fact that CNG is globally promoted for the sake of environment and we have become the leading nation in achieving a land mark of environment preservation.