1. New Office Bearers elected for the year 2017-18:
  • Central Chairman – Ashar Haleem Qureshi
  • Senior Vice Chairman – Samir Najmul
  • Central Vice Chairman – Syed Fiaz Gillani


  1. Newly Elected 6 Members Central Executive Committee for next two years:


1-      Mr. Samir Gulzar from Sindh.

2-      Mr. Syed FiazGillani from Punjab.

3-      Mr. AsharHaleemQureshi from Potohar

4-      Mr. Haji Abdul Raheem from Baluchistan.

5-      Mr. Malik M. Pervaiz from Hazara.

6-      Mr. Pervaiz Khan Khattak from KPK.


  1. Continued Members CEC for 2nd year:

1-      Mr. Samir Najmul from Sindh.

2-      Mr. Irfan Asghar Ghouri from Punjab.

3-      Mr. Syed Sajjad Haider from Potohar

4-      Mr. Mohammad Abbas Ahmed from Baluchistan.

5-      Mr. Khalid Latif from Hazara.

6-      Mr. Mohammad Khalil Ahmed from KPK.